Top 11 Musical Instruments And Players

Top 11 Musical Instruments and players of India

Top 11 Musical Instruments

India is a country full of different cultures and different cultures have come into being in different parts of India. Music is seen as an integral part of culture. The importance of instruments in music is unique. (Top 11 Musical Instruments) Can’t imagine music without instruments. Making music from every instrument is a gift of nature. Information about various musical instruments in India. Their players is given in detail in the following section.

1MrdangPalghar Raghu.
2Bin Asad Ali Khan.
3Shehnai Bismillah Khan, Bholanath Tamanna.
4Tabla Zakir Hussain, Allarkha Latif Khan.
5VeenaAsad Ali, Brahma Swaroop Singh.
6Guitar Vishwamohan Bhat, Keshav Talegaonkar.
7Harmonium Rabindra Talegaonkar, Mahmood Dhalpuri.
8Sarod Ali Akbar Khan, Alauddin Khan.
9Sitar Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Vilayat Khan.
10Santoor Pandit Shivkumar Sharma.
11Flute Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pannalal Ghosh.
12Sarangi Pandit Ram Narayan, Ashiq Ali Khan.
13Violin Gajanan Joshi, Arvind Mafat Lal, TN Krishnan, L. Subramaniam, Swami Dixit, V.V. Jog.
14Pakhwaj Gopal Das, Raja Chhatrapati Singh.

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